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THANK YOU for your interest in CCLC.

We do have limited openings in each grade for the 2020/2021 year!

If you are interested in enrolling your student in CCLC the first step is to fill out a wait list application. There is a $60 per student waiting list fee.

Your $60 will go toward your application fee once there is a spot available.

If you would like to place a student on the waiting list please follow the link below to download a waiting list form, and mail it in to:

Copiah Christian Learning Center

P.O. Box 127

Crystal Springs, MS 39059

How CCLC works:
Books are purchased for each school year by you from:
Abeka Book -  
1st thru 6th grade, each student will need a student kit (cursive)
corresponding with the grade they are entering
Abeka Academy - 7th thru 12th grade will need to be enrolled in
Abeka Academy. 

There will be a $40 supply fee for each child.

CCLC's tuition schedule for 2020-21 runs from August to May.

Tuition is due on the first of every month and is considered late after the 15th. Tuition is $250.00 for the 1st student and $200.00 for each child after.


Additional 2020/21
7th-12th ordering information

School Start Date: August 12, 2020  (you will need this date to order)

1. Order your child’s grade Kit for Abeka Academy (accredited).
Enrollment Period: Full Year
Materials: Tuition and Books Enrollment
Select DVD and accredited options
School Start Date: August 12, 2020

8th grade: All students need to take Pre-Algebra

9th grade: P.E. counts toward a credit for graduation and is required. Students need to take Health and World Geography (1/2 credit each).

10th-12th grades: Your child will need to take an elective. 
One subject will need to be taken at home.

If you have received an acceptance call or email follow this link to download CCLC's 
application form,
and mail it along with
any fees to:

Copiah Christian Learing Center

P.O. Box 127

Crystal Springs, MS 39059

If you need to Pre-Register
a current CCLC student for
next school year follow this 
link to download
CCLC'c Pre-Registration form,
and mail it and any fees to:

Copiah Christian Learing Center

P.O. Box 127

Crystal Springs, MS 39059

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