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Abeka Ordering Information

How CCLC works:
Books must be purchased for each school year by you from Abeka


1st thru 6th grade

Pick the AT HOME option on the Abeka home page if ordering online

it is easiest to search for your child's grade using their search tool at the top of the page

you will need to order the CHILD kit for their corresponding grades
for homeschool they are listed as: 
Grade __ Child Kit etc. (Cursive) 

7th – 12th Grade Abeka Ordering Information

Customer Service: 1-877-223-5226

You may receive discounts by ordering before 6/30/19.


School Start Date: August 5, 2019 (you will need this date to order)


1.  Order your child’s grade Kit for Abeka Academy (accredited).

    Enrollment Period: Full Year

    Materials:  Tuition and Books Enrollment

    Select DVD and accredited options

    School Start Date:  August 5, 2019


8th grade:  All students need to take Pre-Algebra

9th grade:  P.E. counts toward a credit for graduation and is required.  
                    Students need to take Health and World 
Geography (1/2 credit each).

10th-12th grades: Your child will need to take an elective.  One subject will need to be taken at home.


You may order by phone, online or at a Homeschool Materials Display
where you can talk to our Abeka  Representative, Richard Cozad.

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